Zsolt Hollósy, Dr.

Zsolt Hollósy, Dr.

Last modified: 20. October 2022

Dr. Zsolt Hollósy
associate professor
PhD, 2000
tel.: +36 83 545 194
e-mail: hollosy.zsolt.istvan@uni-mate.hu

I graduated as an agricultural engineer and then as an economist. I obtained my PhD in economics in 2000. I teach subjects related to business economics.
​​​​​​​My research interests are: investment economics, vertical integration, economic and environmental aspects of renewable energy production.
In my spare time I swim, hike, cycle and work in vineyards.

Name of organizational unit: Department of Agricultural Economics and Policy

Professional experience:
• Since 1997, lecturer at the legal predecessors of MATE (Pannon University of Agricultural Sciences, Georgikon Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Veszprém and Pannon, Georgikon Faculty, Szent István University, Georgikon Faculty and Campus)
• Production experience at a grain and mill company
• Nurturing professional relationships KITE Zrt, Vitafort Zrt.
• Educational head of the Agricultural Traiding Manager, 2007-2014
• György Békési Postdoctoral Scholarship 2003-2005
• Scholarships for language training to Austria, Germany, for professional study trips to the Netherlands, Austria (Universität für Bodenkultur Vienna), Germany, Ireland continuously from 1991, a total of nine times

Education, qualification:
• 2000 PhD Economics, University of Veszprém
• 1996 Economist, Department of Foreign Trade, College of Foreign Trade
• 1994 Agricultural Engineer, Pannon University of Agricultural Sciences, Georgikon Fakulty

​​​​​​​Research activity:
• Analysis of cost and income relationships in the grain vertical 1998-, related to this, research leader 2001-2004.
• Diagnosis and development of key competencies in higher vocational education in 2009
• Issues of yield stability in agriculture 2019-
• Economic evaluation of renewable energies 2016-

Publication data: LINK

Taught subjects:

  • 1996-: 1998 Applied economics
  • 1998-: Business economics I., II.
  • 2001-: Organization and analysis of agricultural sectors
  • 1999-: Foreign Trade (Commercial)
  • 2007-: Horticultural economics
  • 2007-2014: Entrepreneurial knowledge
  • 2008-: Economics of plant protection
  • 2008-: Business planning (planning task)
  • 2005-2008: Strategic Management
  • 2009-: Support and regulatory systems
  • 2010-: Rural Development and business management
  • 2011-2019:  Crop production sectoral economics
  • 2013-: Management of agricultural companies and sectors                

Optional thesis topics:
Topics belonging to the fields of education and research