Virág Walter, Dr.

Virág Walter, Dr.

Last modified: 17. October 2022

​​​​​​​Dr. Virág WALTER
associate professor
PhD, 2006
tel.: +36 82 505 800 / 3205

I believe it is important to share knowledge that is both professional and applicable to everyday life, so I teach interactive, practice-oriented classes. My favourite area of academic work is teaching and curriculum development. I am motivated by recognition.

Name of Department: Department of Agricultural Management and Leadership Science

Professional experience:
•    Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences Kaposvár Campus (predecessor: University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Economics), associate professor, 2011-
•    University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Economics, 2009-2011, senior lecturer
•    University of Kaposvár, 2010-2011, research director
•    EU Negotiation Moot (in the framework of Alumni trainings and programmes) "Innovative use of the knowledge base of the University of Kaposvár for the replenishment of the research base and the development of the Hungarian agriculture and food industry" - professional leader - TÁMOP 4.2.3
•    "Design and development of graduate career tracking and management information systems and related ALUMNI and other complex student human services systems at the University of Kaposvár" - research leader - TÁMOP 4.1.1
•    Magyary Zoltán Higher Education Public Foundation Research Grant: "Human Resources Development in the Civil Sector". Research topic: The presence, networking and advocacy role of Hungarian non-profit organisations in the EU legislation after the accession of Hungary to the European Union, 2009
•    University of Kaposvár, 2008-2010, Foreign Affairs Officer
•    European Parliament, 2006-2007, Head of Office
•    University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Economics, 2006-2008, assistant lecturer
•    University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Economics, 2005-2006, departmental engineer
•    University of Kaposvár, 2003-2006, dormitory teacher
Education, Qualifications:
•    University of Kaposvár, Doctoral School of Management and Organizational Science, 2002-2006, Ph.D
•    University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Animal Sciences, 2005-2007, teacher of agricultural engineering
•    University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Animal Sciences, 1997-2002, agricultural engineer in economics (specialization in rural development)
•    Munkácsy Mihály Secondary School, 1997-2001, tour guide and hostess
•    Munkácsy Mihály Secondary School, 1997-2001, tourism technician
•    Lycée Duplessis-Mornay, 2000, Post Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (Patrimoine)

Research, field of activity:
•    Business communication
•    Multiculturalism
•    Human Resources Management
Honours and awards:
•    Outstanding Employee of the University of Kaposvár, 2010
•    Zoltán Magyary "Human Resource Development in the Civil Sector" research grant, 2009
•    Certificate for excellence in the "EU System Administration Programme" traineeship, European Parliament, 2007
•    Diploma of Recognition for her work as a consultant teacher in the Section of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences at the Annual Scientific Student Associations’ Conference, 2003-2004
•    Bartoniek Géza Dormitory Teachers’ Fellowship, 2002-2004

Information on doctoral studies: LINK
​​​​​​​Publication details: LINK

Subjects taught:
•    Business Communication
•    Business communication techniques
•    Business communication and negotiation techniques
•    Business communication skills
•    Business Communication (EN)
•    Multicultural Management
Optional thesis topics:
•    The role of DISC personality types in workplace task allocation, communication and teamwork,
•    Women leaders - opportunity or constraint?
•    Women leaders - opportunity or constraint (EN)?
•    Performance appraisal in local government
•    Business/organisational communication through corporate examples