Samir Zaien, Dr.

Samir Zaien, Dr.

Last modified: 20. October 2022

​​​​​​​Dr. Samir Zaien
University assistant professor, International coordinator
PhD, 2021
tel.: + 36 70 372 2579

Name of organizational unit: Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Policy

I started my scientific activity in 1990, taught and lectured at several universities (ELTE, Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University). In addition, I gave presentations as a protocol and Middle East expert at many company events (Mellow Mood Academy, Hungarian Association of Protocols). During my work at MOL Group, I was able to participate in many (more than 40) international conferences. This gave me the opportunity to create and nurture excellent relationships in many countries of the Middle East and North Africa region.
My commitment to scientific activity, in addition to these experiences and connections, especially encourage me to get involved in science at an even higher level.

Professional experience:

•    2017- Adjunct professor, international coordinator, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, MATE
•    1990 - 2000, Adjunct professor Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration
•    2000-2014, International communication and business development expert, MOL Group
•    2014-2017, Lecturer, Budapest Metropolitan University.

Education, qualification:

•    1990: university diploma, Economist, international relations. Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration, Department of International Relations
•    1993 university doctorate in world economy, Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration
•    2021 PhD in management and organizational sciences. MATE, Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Area of research and activity: Science of international relations, international communication, Middle Eastern and African studies

Awards and recognitions:

•    1993 award for scientific and public activities, Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration:
•    2017, Recognition: Smart Communities Academia
•    2018, recognition: AS Chair person of thematic session, Sustainable Regional Development

Doctoral training information: LINK
​​​​​​​Publication data: LINK

Taught subjects:

•    Science of international relations (in Hungarian, English)
•    International business communication,
•    Foreign trade techniques,
•    Basic knowledge of national defense,
•    EU studies and international organizations,
•    International negotiation technique.
•    International integration and globalization in management
•    Agricultural economics

Optional thesis topics:

•    Foreign trade
•    International business and communication
•    International marketing
•    Middle Eastern and African studies
•    Agricultural diplomacy