Noémi Fiser

Noémi Fiser

Last modified: 18. October 2022

Noémi Fiser
Assistant Professor
tel.: +36 37 518 360

I have been teaching and doing resaerch work at MATE and its legal predecessor institutions since 2007. At the beginning of my career I taught Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, currently I teach Strategic Management, Management of Value Added Processes and Business Ethics both in Hungarian and English language. Within the framework of the ERASMUS Program I spent a shorter time at foreign universities in different countries. During my work I also consider it very important to introduce the results of my research topic to a wider audience.

Institute/department: Department of Agricultural Business and and Economics

Work Experiences:
•    2015-2017 Project Assistant, Innovative Practices in Renewable Energies to Improve Rural Employability, IN2RURAL Project
•    2013-2015 Professional Executive, „KEZEK” – Collaboration of Higher Institutions of Education in Northern-Hungary
•    2013-2015 Dissemination Coordinator, „With green energy for green Hungary”, TÁMOP-4.2.3-12/1/KONV-2012-0047
•    2010-2013 Project Researcher Officer, Károly Róbert College, System on Monitoring of Graduated Students

•    2007 University of Miskolc, Doctoral School of Theory and Practice, Miskolc
•    2004 University of Miskolc, Faculty of Economics, Economist, MSc in B.E.

Field of Research:
•    Business Ethics
•    Corporate Ethics
•    Internet Ethics

List of Publiciations: LINK

Subjects instructed:
•    Strategic Planning and Management
•    Management of Value Added Process
•    Enterprise and Globalization
•    Decision Theory and Methodology
•    Social and Economic Forecast
•    Business Ethics

Thesis work offered to students:
•    Business Ethics in Practice
•    Corporate Social Responsibility in Hungary
•    Internet Ethics
•    Development of Corporate Strategies