Mrs. Urbán Ágnes Treutz

Mrs. Urbán Ágnes Treutz

Last modified: 14. October 2022

Mrs. Urbán Ágnes Treutz
Assistant Lecturer
tel.: +36 28 522 000 / 1996

​​​​​Title of organization: Department of Agricultural Logistics, Trade and Marketing

My professional interests include the examination of settlements from a marketing point of view.

Professional experience:
•    Szent István Universtiy
•    Murray State University, Murray, KY, USA

•    Economist in Regional and Environmental Economic Studies
•    Economist in Commerce and Marketing

Field of research:
•    Place and city marketing
•    Tourism marketing
•    Scholarship of the Republic
•    OTDK 3rd place
•    Pro Negotio Universitatis
•    Szent István University Doctoral and Habilitation Centre Special Award

PhD Studies information: LINK
Publication data: LINK

Taught courses:
•    Basics of Marketing Management
•    Distribution Chains
•    Marketing
•    Marketing Communication
•    Marketing PR
•    Region and Settlement Marketing
•    Software in Marketing
•    Product and Service Marketing
•    Product Marketing and Commerce
Selectable thesis topics:
•    Examination of one settlement/city/region’s marketing activity
•    Examination of a company's marketing activity
•    Effect of marketing communication tools on consumer behavior
•    Examination of a company’s PR activity
•    Examination of tourist attractions in the viewpoint of marketing