Mrs. Olsovszky Andrea Némedi, Dr.

Mrs. Olsovszky Andrea Némedi, Dr.

Last modified: 17. October 2022

Mrs. Olsovszky, Dr. Andrea Némedi
associate professor
PhD, 2014
tel.: +36 82 505 800 / 3005

I've been a thesis advisor for a number of students for several years. The students honor me with their attention and and we can communicate well with each other. I also use daily updates in the education of objects.

​​​​​​​Name of organizational unit: Department of Agricultural Logistics, Trade and Marketing

​​​​​​​Professional experience:
•    Dual training coordinator at Kaposvar University and its legal successor (2016-)
•    Member of the Agricultural and Food Marketing Section of the Hungarian Marketing Assosiatoin ( 2014-)
•    Member of the editorial board of Food, Nutrition and Marketing Magazine 2012-)
•    The organizer of professional internships at Kaposvár University (1996-)
Education, qualification:
•    1992-1995 Pannon University of Agricultural Sciences Faculty of Animal Husbandry Kaposvár - certified agricultural engineer (specialization in animal husbandry)
•    1987-1989 Gödöllő University of Agricultural Sciences Teacher Training Institute - technical teacher
•    1980-1983 Kaposvár University of Agriculture - animal husbandry plant engineer

Area of research and activity:
• higher education marketing
• agroforestry
• food consumption

Doctoral training information: LINK
Publication data: LINK

Taught subjects:
•    Basics of Marketing
•    Product and Quality Management,
•    Product- and Service Marketing
•    Basics of Food studies

Optional thesis topics:
•    Consumer perception of food packaging.
•    Examine the consumption of a free choice of food.
•    Packaging and environmental protection
•    Student satisfaction test.
•    Assessment of quality among young people