László Lőkös, Dr.

László Lőkös, Dr.

Last modified: 25. October 2022

Dr. László Lőkös
associate professor
PhD, 1994
tel.: +36 28 522 000 / 1953
e-mail: lokos.laszlo@uni-mate.hu

My professional interests, after studying the subjects I have taught so far, have turned to researching the social responsibility of macroeconomics, while in my private life my family, reading and gardening are my most important values.

Name of department: Deapartment of Economics and Natural Resources

Professional experience:
•   Károly Róbert College, Program Leader of Public Economics Faculty (2007-2009)

•    University of Agricultural Sciences Gödöllő, 1983-1989, Agronomic engineer for farm management,
•    PhD, Economics, University of Agricultural Sciences Gödöllő, 1994

Fields of research and activities:
•    problems of centrally managed expenditure
•    country risk perception of national economies
•    macroeconomic phenomena in national economies

Awards and recognitions:
•   Ministerial commendation (2012)

Information on doctoral studies: LINK
Publication details: LINK

List of taught course units:
•    Microeconomics
•    Macroeconomics
•    Economics
•    Public economics
•   Comparative economics
Optional thesis topics:
•    Competitiveness analysis of regions
•    Investment profitability analysis in company practice
•    Inventory management practices in organisations
•    Comprehensive analysis of public expenditure sectors