Krisztina Taralik, Dr.

Krisztina Taralik, Dr.

Last modified: 14. October 2022

​​​​​​​Dr. Krisztina Taralik
Associate professor
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences 1999
tel.: +36 37 518-300 / 445

Name of organizational unit: Department of Agricultural Logistics, Commerce and Marketing

Professional experience:

  • From 1993    Full time Scholarship of the Hungarian Scientific Academy at SZIU Faculty of Economy and Agriculture (today is: MATE Károly Róbert Campus)
  • from 1997    SZIU Faculty of Economy and Agriculture Department of Marketing and leadership as engineer; from 1999 as Professor assistant; from 2000 as Assistant Professor
  • from 2001    Department of Business Economics, assistant professor; from 2002 as Senior Assistant Professor
  • from 2012    Institute of Business Sciences, Senior Assistant Professor
  • from 2015    Associate Professor
  • from 2016    EKU Károly Róbert Campus, Department of Management, department leader and program coordinator of Business Administration and Management program
  • from 2020     SZIU Károly Róbert Campus, leader of the Institute of Finance and Marketing
  • from 2022    Associate professor of MATE; program coordinator of Business Administration and Management program

Education, graduation:

  • 1992 - Agricultural engineer (Agricultural University Gödöllő; today: SZIU)
  • 1999 - Candidate of Agricultural Science
  • 2000 - Marketing second diploma (University of Economy Budapest; today: Corvinus)

Research topics: marketing, digital marketing, consumer behaviour, customer expereience
Publication data: LINK

Subject(s) taught: Marketing, E-business, Digital marketing, Market research, Public Relations

Thesis topics

  • Analysis of marketing activity of a given organisation.
  • Analysis of brand position and brand management
  • Examination of consumer behaviour and /or purchasing behaviour on a product / service market.
  • Elements and implementation of inbound marketing in the marketing activity of an organisation
  • Realisation of customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX, DX) (offline/online)