Judit Bilinovics-Sipos

Judit Bilinovics-Sipos

Last modified: 24. October 2022

Judit Bilinovics-Sipos
Assistant lecturer
e-mail: bilinovics-sipos.judit@uni-mate.hu

Continuous self-education and applying the latest trends and solutions are essential in my field, so I constantly monitor changes. In my nearly 15 years in the private sector, my strategic mindset has played a substantial role in the success of my clients, so I have developed a long-term partnership with them in recent years. In working with decision-makers, understanding their decisions has always been important to me, as intuitive decisions have always been, and still are, a carefully managed area in companies. After the quick and slow decisions of Nobel Laureate Kahneman, some well-known researchers researched quick - intuitive - decisions. One part of this problem area is the study of cognitive biases. I start from the premise that there are beneficial and harmful biases; it follows that there is no need to get rid of, to be afraid of all of them. The use of artificial intelligence-based expert systems has resurfaced in intuitive decisions. In this area - the collection of cognitive biases appears similarly. In my doctoral dissertation, I examine part of this, but I will continue to do research in the next few years, continuing the results of my dissertation.
By imparting my theoretical and practical knowledge, I would like to contribute to the foundation of students' competitive professional knowledge and develop a broader horizon for students through a practical approach.

​​​​​​​Name of organizational unit: Department of Agricultural Logistics, Trade and Marketing

Professional experience:
1.    Lecturer at the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy of the Budapest Business School in the spring semester of 2022, Marketing (in English)
2.    2020-2022 lecturer at Keleti Károly Faculty of Economics of the Óbuda University, Production Management, Customer Relations Management, Infrastructure Management
3.    2018 - sole entrepreneur, freelancer; Main activity: marketing and interior design consulting
4.    2010-2018 Managing Director, main activity: marketing consultant
5.    2008-2010  Media agency, marketing manager

1.    Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2022, Foreign Language Professional Communicator (English)
2.    2007 Kapos Ltd 2014 Interior Designer qualification
3.    Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, 200 3-2008, Master in Economics and Management - Marketing specialization
4.    Trainex Secondary School of Business and Administration, 2000-2001, Marketing and advertising manager - advanced vocational training

Research and field of activity: Investigation of intuitive decisions in manufacturing companies, cognitive bias, knowledge-based systems, investigation of marketing decisions

Doctoral program information: ITT

Subjects taught:
1.    Marketing basics: theory
2.    E-commerce: theory, practice
3.    Production and service management: theory, practice
4.    Inventory management models: theory, practice

Optional thesis topics:
1.    Examination of the marketing activities of a company
2.    Online Marketing
3.    Consumer behavior