István Réthy, Dr.

István Réthy, Dr.

Last modified: 20. October 2022

Dr. István Réthy
PhD, 2001
tel.: +36 37 518 386

I am an Aquarius, with all the characteristics of the zodiac. I like living a high pace life thus I am never bored. I am attracted to extremity, creativity, art and I especially like working with people. I am convinced that we have time for everything we want. I also believe that good human relations and quality time make us live a long and happy life if we care about these. I have had my own band (Empty Pubs) for 20 years and I do a lot of sports too. I am married, our three children are grown up, and we are very proud of them!

Name of department: Department of Agricultural Management and Leadership Sciences

Professional experience:
• Maroshévíz Forestry (Transylvania), Forest Engineer, area manager (1989-1990)
​​​​​​​• Forestry Secondary School, Mátrafüred, teacher, head of practical education (1990-1995)
​​​​​​​• Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Károly Róbert Campus (and its predecessors), Gyöngyös, professor (1995-present)
• Various partners and 4 Season High-Tech Sports Base, trainer, head trainer (2001-present)
Education, qualifications:

• University of Brasov, 1984-1989 forest engineer
​​​​​​​• GATE Teacher Training Institute 1990-1994 engineer-teacher
​​​​​​​• Georgetown University (Washington DC) and University of Wisconsin (River Falls) 1993 postgraduate vocational training in management science and marketing
​​​​​​​• Texas Christian University (Fort Worth) 1998 Global Business Studies
• Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Doctoral School of Education 2001 PhD degree

Fields of researches:
• adult education, training
​​​​​​​• managerial efficiency, organizational culture
• emotional intelligence, inspirational leadership

• Károly Róbert Gold Medal (2016)
​​​​​​​• County Prima Award - with my band Empty Pubs (2016)
​​​​​​​• Eszterházy Károly Memorial Medal (2019)
• Golden Chalk Award (2019)

Publication details: LINK

Subjects taught:
• Management science (management and organization, management and quality management, organizational theory, organizational behavior, organizational culture, change and crisis management)
​​​​​​​• Business communication (basics of communication, conflict management and negotiation techniques, managerial business communication)
• Human Resource Management
​​​​​​​• Self awareness and communication skills development trainings
​​​​​​​• Managerial skills development trainings
• Intercultural awareness and team building trainings

Optional thesis topics:                                    
• The process of organizational development evaluated on a specific example. The importance of motivation and its system of tools
​​​• The role of trainings in workplace learning/organizational development
• The role of leadership in success. Managerial attitudes and values
• Compliance of the competences developed by the education system with the expectations of the labour market
• Examining the communication of a company/organization (marketing communication, external and internal PR, business administration)