István Dedák, Dr. habil

István Dedák, Dr.

Last modified: 18. October 2022

Dr. habil István Dedák
 college professor
PhD, 2000; habil, 2019
tel.: +36 37 518 360

I have been working on the field of higher education and economic research for 30 years. I have been a lecturer of subjects related to economics and economic policy at several prestigious university in Hungary for Batcheler, Master and PhD level as well and I spend shorter times at foreign universities. From 2005 on I work as a college professor. During my career I always find it important to spread the latest results of economic science to the broader audience and I tried to achieve this goal by giving plenty of interviews to the media and writing easy-to-understand articles for those not familiar with complicated economic issues.

Department: Department of Economics and Natural Resources

Work Experiences:
•    Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics, research fellow 1992-1998
•    Member of the Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
•    Chairman of the Youth Association of Hungarian Economics Association in Gyöngyös and Károly Robert College 2003-2010
•    Leader of the scientific OTKA research project named „The fiscal and monetary problems of switching from a socialist to a market economy” 1994-1998
•   Member of the Scientific Committee of Károly Róbert College

•   Budapest University of Economics, 1986-1990, economist
•   Janus Pannonius University, PhD program, 1997-2000

Field of Research:
•   fiscal and monetary policy,
•   budget deficit, public debt, and debt dynamics  
•   economic growth and economic catching-up

Awards, appreciations:

• My scientific study submitted to the application of the Hungarian Economic Association was rewarded as the best study among the ones of applicants.
• As an appreciation of my scientific research I was given the Scientific Award by the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  
• Silver Plaquette of Károly Róbert College for high quality educational and scientific work

List of publications: LINK

Subjects instructed:
•    Microeconomics  
•    Macroeconomics
•    International Economic Policy  
•    International Capital Markets
•    Introduction to Economics Policy  
•    Economic growth and economic catching-up
Thesis work offered to students:
•    The causes and consequences of unemployment. The actual problems of labour market
•    Budget Deficit, Public Debt, and Debt Dynamics
•    The causes of inflation and its impacts on the economy. The role of monetary policy in achieving price stability
•    The operation of fiscal and monetary policy. The role of fiscal and monetary policy in attaining macroeconomic goals