Department of International Regulation and Business Law

Department of International Regulation and Business Law

Last modified: 05. October 2022

Knowledge of the different areas of law is one of the most difficult and complex, but also one of the most useful in everyday life. The subjects taught in the Department of International Regulation and Economic Law are taught at all levels of MATE. We provide teaching in the various economic disciplines, as well as in mechanical and agricultural engineering on all campuses of the University, in addition to the Gödöllő Campus. The staff of the Department also contributes to the teaching of legal subjects at the training centres abroad.
The level, content and methodology of legal education are determined primarily by the need to ensure that professionals working in a particular field of economic life feel the importance of legal knowledge, are able to consider legal aspects and keep abreast of changes in legislation.

In addition to the presentation of the various legal institutions, the Department also places great emphasis on the practice of law, thus emphasising practice-oriented training alongside theoretical education.
In addition to the various areas of business (company law, contract law, labour and social security law, intellectual property law, competition and advertising law), the Department also teaches general administrative law and the most important areas of agricultural law (land law, specialities of agricultural enterprises, environmental protection). The Department's staff also teaches in English, particularly in the areas of business law and environmental law (environmental law, water policy). In addition to teaching the legal subjects related to the specialisation, the Department coordinates the specialisation in Liquidation and Asset Management.
Our main academic activities are focused on the regulation of enterprises, agricultural companies and cooperatives, and the legal regulation of land ownership and use. Several textbooks, conference publications and articles on these topics have been published, and the Department's lecturers also place great emphasis on the writing of academic notes.

The Department organises a number of special programmes to enhance the knowledge gained in lectures and to gain practical experience. The main event of the spring semester is a workshop and student conference on "Economy and Law", while in the autumn semester a case-solving competition entitled "You too can be a LawAce" is organised.

In addition to the above, the Department organises professional visits every year, which give students an insight into the workings of Parliament, the courts and prisons.