Department of Economics and Natural Resources

Department of Economics and Natural Resources

Last modified: 05. October 2022

The Department of Economics and Natural Resources is a unit of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, established in 2021. The Department's educational profile is diverse, but its main focus is on undergraduate education, so we believe it is important to provide our students with a high level theoretical basis for their future studies and practical activities.

Our courses include both compulsory and optional subjects. Our aim is to enhance students' economic knowledge by introducing them to the micro- and macroeconomic context that will help them to navigate in the world of business. We do this not only domestically, but also internationally, giving them the opportunity to learn about international trends and tendencies.

The Department's teaching activities include the economic evaluation and use of natural resources, including their limits, which is the basis of all economic activities. In addition to the basic courses, we are also involved in the teaching of master's and doctoral courses in both Hungarian and English, and we are constantly improving our teaching materials accordingly, in order to enable our students to be competitive at all times and in all places.

The staff of the Department carry out a wide range of research activities, primarily related to the research communities within the Institute, in a broad range of disciplines - economic growth, labour market trends, sustainable development, natural resource use, land valuation and land use change.

Our research results are published continuously in both national and international journals and we regularly participate in conferences in the field. The department is also committed to talent management, and we welcome students to become involved in the department's scientific work: we offer a wide range of thesis, dissertation and TDK topics to those who choose a faculty member as a supervisor or who wish to participate in joint workshops. The Department has been playing a significant role in the organisation and running of the VUA YOUTH conference, jointly organised with the University of Agriculture Nitra for several years, which provides an opportunity for both national and international students to present their research activities.

Faculty members regularly participate in national and international events, which provide opportunities to broaden their knowledge. We are in almost daily contact with national representatives of the field, trying to use and learn from their experiences and incorporate them into our teaching materials. Our contacts abroad are mainly in European countries - Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Austria, Belgium - but we also have guest speakers from South Africa, Malaysia and the United States. Of course, this also means that our lecturers regularly give invited lectures in these countries.