Department of Agricultural Economics and Policy

Department of Agricultural Economics and Policy

Last modified: 25. October 2022

In the field of agricultural economics, the Department is mainly concerned with the study of the resources used by farming and the distribution and use of the goods produced.

Agricultural economics plays a key role in the economics of development and in the management of adaptation processes related to climate change, and therefore outlines processes from both environmental and sustainability perspectives, without which neither domestic nor international economic policies can be designed.

The Department's teaching and research aims are to assist domestic agricultural policy decisions, to develop sectoral models and professional publications, and to process agricultural policies in the EU and outside the EU. The

Department's staff are active members of the African Food Markets Research Group, the Arab World Food Markets Research Group and the Asian Food Markets Research Group.

The primary objective of involvement in the research groups is to provide appropriate input to international education programmes through research programmes and to facilitate the involvement of both masters and doctoral students in these programmes.