Department of Agricultural Data Processing and Data Analysis​​​​​​​

Department of Agricultural Data Processing and Data Analysis​​​​​​​

Last modified: 05. October 2022

The Department of Agricultural Data Processing and Data Analysis is a newly established department, consisting of colleagues from the MATE Gödöllő and Kaposvár Campus.

Our colleagues have extensive contacts in several Hungarian higher education institutions and research centres (AKI, ELKH KRTK) and have an extensive network of contacts with various European universities (Czech University of Life Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Kent Business School, University of Milan, University of Warsaw, University of Primorska, Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, Ural State Agrarian University, Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy) and research institutes (IAMO, INRAE, LUKE).

The staff of the Department is actively involved in teaching research methodology and quantitative methods from undergraduate to graduate school level. They also teach finance and management courses.

The department's research work covers theoretical and practical applications of quantitative methods, traditional topics in agricultural economics (analysis of agricultural and rural policy programmes, technical efficiency in food productivity, international agricultural trade), various issues in regional economics (agglomeration in the food economy, economic and social aspects of regional disparities) and problems in higher education.